Tribal Jersey + DIY Shorts

Tribal Jersey + DIY Shorts

Jersey: PacSun // Shorts: DIY // Boots: *Old

Summer is almost over and I feel like it never really started. This summer I managed to take a 14-hour course load and by the grace of God, I made it! Whoo! I have no idea how I made it through Spanish but I did. So while, I'm chilling for this one week until Fall start back up again, my outfits are pretty laid back as well.

When I'm shopping for a casual laid back outfit, my favorite spot to shop is in the Men's section at PacSun. I swear the Men have all the dope prints and jerseys. Seriously, I've never purchased a women's clothing item out of PacSun, only Men. Ha! Well I grabbed this tribal print jersey and decided to pair it with my DIY high-waisted shorts. These are my all time favorite shorts and I'm proud to say I "made" them myself. Woot-Woot! 

rEAD: Thrift iN-sTYLE tOUR

No worries. Tutorial coming soon. I recently went thrifting and picked up a few pair of jeans that I plan to cut up in the near future. With my tribal jersey and denim shorts, I paired with my black tribal boots to give it an edgy look. Another alternative would be to rock converse or toms to achieve a similar look.

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