My 3 Favorite Foundations

Matte is always right; for oily skin! No matter the season, I have to keep my makeup as matte as possible because my skin gives its own glow. I have about 6 different foundations in my makeup bag but I am always reaching for one of these. Guess what? Two are drugstore! 


For about $6, this is one of my favorite foundations. Because I don't have acne-prone skin, scarring or harsh blemishes to cover up, the coverage I receive from this foundation is perfect for me. I would say it has light to medium coverage and it is very lightweight. I am in the color Coconut and it blends perfectly with my skin so, I don't have to put too much makeup on my neck. You don't want a brown collar girl!

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For a few dollars more at $10, this foundation is also extremely affordable and has pretty decent coverage. With this foundation have to blend two colors together to get my color but it always comes out perfect. The two colors I blend together are Soft Sable and Classic Sand to match my complexion. What I also love about the Soft Sable color is that it works perfect as a concealer as well because it is a little lighter than my skin tone. But I will definitely say that I think this foundation leaves me matte just a tad bit longer than the Maybelline. Maybe an extra hour. (That hour comes in handy sometimes)

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Last and definitely not least when it comes to the price of $35. This is my only "high-end" foundation that I own and I am in the color NC45. This foundation has amazing coverage and oxidizes with my skin very well. When I first applied it, it was very orange but as it settled into my skin it blended very well. It's definitely a longwear foundation but it is not matte. So when using this foundation I do have to prime, set, bake and do all the necessary steps to combat my oily skin. 

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What's your favorite foundations? Comment below and share because I am always on the hunt for new makeup!