Make Your College Apartment Feel #AtHome


Being in college and working can get a little hectic which can quickly turn your room into a disaster. After moving into my new apartment, I felt like something was missing. My room was never organized which is not a good thing, so I decided enough was enough and I needed to get it together. 

So I ordered a desk and storage for my never ending products hoping that would solve the problem but, I still felt like something was missing. It didn't feel like home. So I decided to stop by At Home Stores to see what I could find and I suddenly realized I was in decor heaven! But of course, I'm a college student on a budget so I couldn't buy ALL the things I fell in love with but I did grab a few items. Here are a few things I would recommend to make your apartment or dorm feel more like home.


Adding photos and pictures of family and friends definitely makes you feel at home. Being in a long distance relationship can be hard and going to school away from my home town can get a little lonely. So adding a few pictures of my boyfriend, friends and family always keeps me grounded and focused whenever I'm stressed out or feeling all alone. This blue, distressed picture frame was too cute to pass up so I had to have it! 

Give everything a home:

Between running a business, going to school and remembering to eat, my room gets out of hand pretty quickly because I didn't have a system in place for where things should go. I would pick up one thing but set it down in another place and when it was time to use it again, I could never find it. So I decided find a home for everything. So purchasing candle holders for my makeup brushes, plates for my loose items and baskets for my remotes definitely cleaned up my counter spaces. Instead of everything being thrown around, its all in one place for me to go and spend less time looking for it.

Pick a statement color:

It's important to choose a color scheme or pattern for your room so it can narrow down your choices when shopping. I wanted to add more gold pieces to my room so this gold/white blanket, gold serving tray and gold candle were perfect for my room decor. When I saw the gold/white blanket, I HAD to have it! It was so perfect. The serving tray is great for doing my homework or just eating a quick meal in bed while I catch up on my latest Netflix shows! (Ha! #TeamNoCable.) And not only does the candle match my color scheme but it smells good which is perfect for Fall.

Add plants that won't die:

Like I said before, I can barely remember to eat so I definitely won't remember to water a plant, so adding faux flowers and greenery definitely was the icing on the cake for making my room feel more at home. Adding plants will brighten your room and boost your creativity, believe it or not. So next time you decide to pull an all-nighter, just glance over at your faux greenery.

You can make your room feel at home too by entering my giveaway for a $50 gift card to At Home stores! Trust me, you will definitely find something to fit your dorm or apartment. All you have to do is follow me and @athomestores on Instagram, share the image below using #FroAtHome, Tag two friends and enter to win below! Giveaway will end on November 1st! (GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED)

Comment below and share you tips for making your apartment feel like home! #FroAtHome