Happy Birthday Jaleesa Charisse!

Guess what? I am a photographer. Some of you may have already known that but, some people don't. So I have decided to start blogging about my photography work to share it with you guys and create a portfolio for myself. I take so many pictures that never see the light of day and I have decided that doesn't have to be the case. 

Happy Birthday Jaleesa! My blogger boo, Jaleesa Charisse, celebrated her born day on November 1st and I decided to follow her around and capture moments of her day. She decided she wanted to grab a cupcake from Sprinkles ATM in The Plaza At Preston Center. This was my first time at a Sprinkles location and seeing a Sprinkles ATM, which was pretty cool. Unfortunately, I was too busy playing with my new camera, I forgot to actually get a cupcake. Ha! But, I trust Jaleesa and she said it was really good.

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