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3 Signs That It's Time For A Trim + Hair Growth Update

FroMarrica Evans1 Comment
3 Signs That It's Time For A Trim + Hair Growth Update

Time for a hair growth update! I wanted to do an update on my blog at 6 months but, I didn't feel like there was much growth to show you guys. But I was wrong! Shrinkage definitely fooled me. My hair has grown so much and I didn't realize it till now. Cutting my hair on March 3rd was the best thing I could've ever done for my hair. Before my hair was so damaged but, I was the only one who could see it, everyone else told me that my hair looked great! But it was far from it. Here are three signs that it may be time for a trim or haircut:

1. Not One Product Is "Working" For Your Hair

This was annoying the heck out of me. No matter what I tried, deep conditioning, protein treatments, co-washing, butters, gels.. You name it! I tried it all and my hair still felt so lifeless. Parts of my hair was straight, stringy and just not cute. So I tried every custard and butter to make my curls "pop"; nothing worked. I never liked wash and gos because it showed how damaged my hair was. But even when I tried Twistouts, it would look good the first day but it would never last another day which brings me to my next sign.

2. Your Styles Only Last One Day

Many of you ask me all the time, "Do you re-twist your hair every night? How do you get your styles to last multiple days?" but before I got my hair cut, I could never get my styles to last. My styles NEVER lasted more than one day. I used to wear a bonnet to bed and wake up to a smashed twistout or a wash and go that has formed to the bonnet. I tried fluffing out the style, picking at the roots, everything to try and salvage another day but it never worked. I always ended up dunking my head in the sink with some conditioner and putting it in a high bun. I always thought my bonnet was too small and it was smooshing my styles so I bought a bigger bonnet; didn't work. So I gave up on bonnets and tried a scarf... Same results. Lastly, I decided to try a satin pillowcase and well, I'm sure you know how that turned out. 

3. You Don't Have Shrinkage

Yes! Shrinkage is a good thing, it means that your hair has elasticity so when you pull on it, it'll point back. Some people hate shrinkage and find any way to elongate their curls but, I personally love shrinkage because it's like my own special magic trick. Haha! Without shrinkage my hair felt so lifeless and dull. The ends of my twistout would be straight and not coil up like they used to so I had to start adding perm rods to all my style to give my hair some type of curl. That was too much of a hassle and I just wanted my hair to be back to normal.

If any of these signs sound like something your fro is experiencing then it might be time for a trim or even a hair cut. I decided to get a haircut because I also wanted to have a style. Getting your hair trimmed just gets rid of all the dead ends but a hair cut gives you shape, layers and a style that is cut to frame your face giving you a signature style. 

Share these tips with your friends and see my haircut experience at the Huetiful salon on my YouTube channel.

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