This past weekend, your girl went thrifting and it was so much fun. Someone thought of an AMAZING idea to get a bus load of women together to go stop by various thrift stores around Dallas! Who is that someone? Tiyunna Johnson! Thanks to Tiyunna Johnson for creating the Thrift In-Style Tour and giving women of Dallas the opportunity to network and... Hello! Shopping! Retail therapy is always beneficial, especially when it is affordable. I know ya'll saw me raving about my $1.49 jeans on Instagram. Haha! So let me tell you how it all went down.

Thrifting: clothes for the low-low.
— Marrica Evans

Well we started off the tour at 9:30am with introductions and a light breakfast to give us a boost on energy for a full day of bargain shopping. Our first stop was Texas Thrift! This spot was the largest and most "expensive" of the three stores we went to. What I like most about this store is that they have sooo much to choose from and cool prints everywhere. But some things were a little pricey for a thrift store but if you keep searching you can find a thing or two. At this stop I purchased three shirts for a total of $17.22.

Next stop was Collins Park Thrift. This location was a lot smaller and more organized. Because this location was smaller it was easy to see where everything was but, since I had already purchase a few tops I decided to search for jeans and I'm so glad I did. Girl! The jeans were soooo cheap and dope. I've been wanting to do a DIY Jeans project so I definitely hit the jackpot. I was able to grab two pairs of jeans for $5.22. FIVE DOLLARS! *twerk, twerk* That is a steal! Omg. I was so excited about those jeans. I felt like a true winner with that deal! Ha. Couldn't nobody tell me nothing. 

Stop three, Tiyunna took use to Treasure Chest Beauty Studio, a black-owned (woot-woot) boutique. This place has everything you need when it comes to beauty: beauty salon, nail salon, hair extensions, hair products and a clothing store. Talk about one stop shop! Although, I did not purchase on our stop, I do plan to go back because it's right in my area! But after, leaving this spot we had our lunch delivered to replenish much needed energy.

After lunch we headed to our final stop, Family Thrift Outlet.. This store took the icing on the cake. (Is that the saying?) Everything in the entire store was $1.25. EVERYTHING! I was like what!? So here's the deal: Everyday the price goes down .25 and then Thursday after they restock it goes back up to $2.00. So guess what? Ya girl found some more dope jeans and a cute top! I was able to get two pair jeans and a cute shirt all for $4.87! Yes! I just keep getting better and better.

So overall, I met some amazing women and I got some dope thrifts for a total of $27.27. Can't beat that. I really want to style these outfits and show you guys so stay tuned for the Thrifted Lookbook. Do you have any tips that you'd recommend when going thifting? If so, what are they? Comment below!