Flower Dress + Nude Pumps

Dress: Gianni Binni; Dillard's | Purse: Sam Moon | Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Summer is that you!? So this Summer for me is crazy busy. Between school, photography, work and the blog, just the idea of choosing an outfit makes my brain hurt. So lately most of my outfits have been either a dress or a romper. So simple! I've fallen completely in love with slipping on one-piece and heading out the door. What is a t-shirt, again? Ha! With summer creeping up, you have to bring in a pop of color so this dress is everything. Guess what? It was only $7.00!

POW! Where I live, we have a Clearance Dillard's store aka "The Dirty Dillard's". Basically, all the clearance items at the Dillard's store in the mall that doesn't sale, get sent to The Dirty Dillard's and gets marked down again! So it's a sale on top of another sale. SAY WHAT? Yes. A broke college student's dream! 

So girl, if you have a Clearance Dillard's in your area, you need to go. Like, now.