Black Romper + Leopard Pumps

Romper: Dillard's | Leopard Shoes: Charlotte Russe | Sunglasses: Shop Spread LA

Earlier this month at the Dallas Textured Hair Marketplace in conversation Notorious Kia, she shared a shopping tip with me that I will never forget.

When you go shopping, never buy pieces. Always buy complete outfits.
— The Notorious Kia

After she told me that, I have started to think twice about picking up individual pieces and instead purchasing full outfits. Since then, I have fallen IN LOVE with rompers. What easier way to have a full outfit than to either buy a romper or a dress?! It's perfect. I've always had a secret love for rompers but, now when I need a quick outfit this is the first thing that I look for. I definitely think rompers are becoming my signature look.

I definitely think it's important to find out what's your style and see what works best for you! I know, no matter what if I can't seem to find anything that works for me, I can always depend on a romper to save the day. What's your go-to style?