Hatties - OakCliff Dallas

Hatties - OakCliff Dallas

As a blogger, I love a place with good lighting and white tableware, this place was definitely a bloggers dream but, enough about the aesthetics.. Let's get to the food! The food was AMAZING. During this visit I met up with Julian and Jaleesa for brunch and thanks to Julian for choosing Hattie's because there was nothing to regret.

They had an a great selection for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages but, I chose to stick with my typical water with lemon while I scanned the menu. For starters I decided to go with the Soup of the Day which was Potato. It was lightly seasoned so a dash of salt and pepper was needed but, it was pretty good.

After a few laughs and giggles, our entree arrived and.. MAN! I'm not a big fan of mustard (Team Ketchup/BBQ sauce) but, for some reason I could not resist this Pulled Pork Sandwich with Carolina "Spicy" Mustard BBQ. One Word: WOW! This sandwich was so damn good! Like, no lie it was one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I've ever had.

Just look at the deliciousness! It was amazing, the best part was a combination of the bbq sauce and the extra, tender pulled pork. It was absolutely amazing. Instead of regular fries, I decided to go with the sweet potato fries which were okay, nothing super amazing.

But, nonetheless, this was a pretty good modern, southern style place that I will definitely be coming back too.

So if you're ever in the Dallas area, be sure to check out Hattie's in Oak Cliff near the Bishop Arts District. You won't regret it, at all. Not sure what to wear on your next brunch date? Check out this look.